środa, 17 grudnia 2014


Everyone of us had in his life - atleast few times horrible time. When everything seems going wrong and not like we would like to be gone... Time when the best option would be sitting somewhere in the shadow and crying. But today I would like to think what is the factor, which doesn't let us give up and how we can owercome difficulties.
FIRSTLY, why we feel disappointed and give up such easily?
In my opinion we create everything in our mind. We often plan everything and make it perfect. In our mind or dream (because sometimes it's only dream) everything is ideal and come to us easily. Without any problems. When we create future in our mind we should remember that nothing comes easily. Only small and unimportant things. Everything what is important and hard to get doesn't come easily. We need to fight for that, pray and do everything what we can to achieve it. We often forget about it and feel sad and disappointed when something went wrong. We should think... if have we ever met person who promised that everything will come easily and without crying (sometimes) ? I don't think so... At least I didn't meet person like this.

THEN, what to do when we feel like this?
1. We can't stop trying to achieve our aim. In my opinion it's the most stupid thing, which we can do! If we meet troubles on our journey we will apprecitate the thing, when we will gain it.
2. Don't concentrate on your problems. Turn back and see how far you are already! Because when you really work hard to get something you should turn back everyday to see your progres.
3. "You need to loose something to get something"- it's the rule, which my boyfriend told me when I got to know him. Sometimes we have to make resignate from some things to gain another- more important for us. It's difficult, I know, but this is the life... We can't keep everything for us. Sometimes we need to make sacrifices.
4. Don't think about troubles too much. If something is going wrong we need to trying to improve that, thinking without doing is nothing. Remember it!

I hope, I helped everyone, who feel little bit disappointed and who tend to give up. I helped me too, by sharing the information.
Do you have better solution for troubles and feeling disappointed? Write. :-)